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Spiritual themes in The Hobbit movie

hobbit poster

Great articles are appearing about The Hobbit. The film demonstrates spiritual parallels and themes to explore and start conversations, online or offline, in youth groups, meetings, anywhere.

Sadly there is no longer a whole evangelistic website built around Hobbits. There was ten years ago – HobbitLore.com. It was a masterclass in using popular culture to connect with spiritual truths. You see their approach from the pages that have been archived by the web archive Wayback Machine.




Connect with downloads and resources at the official film site.

You may also be interested in the audio dramas produced some years ago by the BBC, of both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The latter, a full 13 hours with many top actors, is a sheer masterpiece. They are available separately: The Hobbit | LOTR or as a combined set – see box on right.



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